Scotland County Health Department / Home Health Agency was formed into its own entity in 1979 when the bi-county Home Health Agency Clark County and Scotland County Home Health Agencies chose to separate into two entities. A mill tax was passed to form our own health department.

The first office of the Scotland County Health Department was located in the basement of the county courthouse in Memphis, Mo. The next year, the office moved to the corner of Main and Monroe Streets. In the summer of 1983, a move was made to 111 West Monroe.

In April 1999, the Board of Trustees decided to lease a building from the Scotland County Memorial Hospital, which was located east of the hospital. The Board of Trustees in 2005 formed a subdivision called the Scotland County Public Health Fund Inc. and applied for 501c3 status. They share a board of trustees. This was formed so that the health department could look at constructing a building and to apply for grants.

In October 2015, the Scotland County Public Health Fund purchased a new building at 214 W. Madison. The health department then leased the building from the Public Health Fund and moved to that location. The new office is readily accessible to the aged and handicapped.